I'm just a person who daydreams way too much for her age. Oh and I also draw. Feel free to message me about anything!

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startraveller776 replied to your photo “Lokane AU - In which Jane is the fallen goddess, and Loki, the mortal.”

This is so gorgeous, you’re killing me! I almost want to write it, but I can’t. I CAN’T.

Ahahahaha! Thank you so much! ….BUT!…BUT WHY NOTTTTT? I can’t see why not? image

lianaslane replied to your photoset “Mortal!Loki waiting in the cold. sorta connected to this  This was…”

This is amazing! I love the snow :D

It’s pretty fun doing simple animations like this on images. The tiring thing is converting it into gifs :P Anyway, thanks Liana! :*

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When you watch most of the audience walk out of a Marvel film at the beginning of the credits:

In 60 years

grandchild: grandma why are you so bitter??
me: *takes a swig of vodka*
me: *lights up cuban cigar*
me: *gazes out the window*
me: my otp will never be canon
*roll credits*



no one has a crush on me. i am too strong to be crushed


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